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Tuesday, July 6

Totally a Review

Google Translator:

007 belongs in the publication history Tyler Jon Tyler a new band from Chicago with her debut single. offered on their band T-shirts emblazoned the slogan "Pop Music for Floozies" - so for pop tart - which fits well because Floozies will hear certainly not shallow Weichspülpop, but perhaps semigefährlichen garage-pop brand Tyler Jon Tyler. Tougher, catchy, symphatisch grating, is reduced to essential Schrammel-pop with female vocals, then, as he is here to listen to "New England Street" and "Faster Than Light."

Or in German:

Die 007 in der Veröffentlichungsgeschichte gehört Tyler Jon Tyler einer neuen Band aus Chicago mit ihrer Debütsingle. Auf ihren angebotenen Band T-Shirts prangt der Slogan "Pop Music for Floozies" - also Pop für Flittchen - was gut passt, denn Floozies werden gewiss keinen seichten Weichspülpop hören, sondern vielleicht semigefährlichen Garage-Pop Marke Tyler Jon Tyler. Tougher, eingängiger, symphatisch knarziger, auf wesentliche reduzierter Schrammel-Pop mit Frauen-Gesang also, wie er hier bei "New England Street" und "Faster Than Light" zu hören ist.

Plus a ton more stuff about Trouble In Mind records at Flying Revolver!

Friday, March 12

Separate Issue

Isn't it time I start a new fucking blog already? I'm too cheap and/or poor to buy new hosting. I fuck with custom Wordpress installations all day for work but I'm still here, at Blogger.

Anyway! Our new 7" comes out on Rococo Records 4/20/10. "Separate Issue" backed with "Paul" featuring Ian Adams (Maximum Wage, Submarine Races) on a gorgeous 12-string Rickenbacker.

"Separate Issue" is named after the brand of my favorite pair of thrift store sneakers.

"Paul" is the fictional account of a 16-year-old girl who falls in love with Paul Westerberg by watching old YouTube videos of him when he was young...

After hearing from a friend that you can go watch him coach his son's little league team in Minneapolis, she seeks him out and tries to have an affair with him.

What an imagination...

At SXSW: Party at Hot House on Thursday, March 18th (we play at 5:45 PM). Then the Trouble In Mind Showcase on Friday, March 19th (we play at 1:00 PM). Holy shit!

Tweet at me, twats: @rebeccaflores @tylerjontyler.

Monday, November 23

Tyler Jon Tyler's Debut Single

Our first 7" is out! Here's what Trouble In Mind says:

TIM007: Tyler Jon Tyler "New England Street" b/w "Faster Than Light"
We are proud to release the debut single by Chicago's own Tyler Jon Tyler. We can assure you that no other band going sounds like TJT. With a Pony that has traded his drums to play bass upside down, Tom from Daily Void's intricate drum patterns and "new comer" Rebecca's sparse guitar and thoughtful lyrics, their skeletal "less-is-more" sound brings to mind bands like The Clean, Young Marble Giants, & the Raincoats. These songs evoke a time and a place and demand your attention. (Not too mention Ian Adams' Stylophone wizardry on the B-Side)

Buy it on mix-colored vinyl at Trouble In Mind or from a distro near you! Here's a stream from our Bandcamp site...

<a href="http://music.tylerjontyler.com/album/new-england-street-7">New England Street by Tyler Jon Tyler</a>

Monday, September 28



I drew this vulture probably about ten times. The color in this one was accidental but I liked it and drew over it.

Tuesday, August 26

Cover Letter Part 1, or How to Bullshit to Get a Job

With this one, I got a pretty good interview in (the guy rolled in on a Segway, I shit you not) but blew the second interview.

To Whom It May Concern:

If technology were a religion, I'd be wholly devoted. If you take a look at my living space, it would almost seem like I already am. Every night I stand before a shrine of charging electronics, where plugging in my cellphone, BlackBerry, MP3 player, and digital camera is like lighting candles; I read Engadget and TechCrunch RSS feeds multiple times daily as if they were each a gospel in the bible. This is why I was very, very excited to see your ad in Craigslist-- finally, a chance to work around what I am already so engrossed in.

I previously worked in sales at a company that was held together by email. I was enthralled to have my own workstation and BlackBerry, and used each to their full potential to maintain an efficient workflow. Also being in sales helped me work directly with both management and clients, where I learned to fulfill the needs of both parties successfully.

It would be great to receive a reply and possibly set up an interview. My resume and references are in plain text following this cover letter-- please let me know if you'd like it in a different format. Thank you for taking the time to read through this-- if I'm not what you're looking for, hopefully you found some humor in this anyway.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Rebecca Flores

Monday, August 25

Mother of Tears

Almost was the cover to their 7-inch out soon on Hozac, but we have to retake it as we did not realize the resolution was so low. Mother of Tears

Sunday, July 20


Snipped out of my sketchbook.

Kit Halo

Window Square Coil