Sunday, July 20


Snipped out of my sketchbook.

Kit Halo

Window Square Coil

Sic Alps and Friends

A few pictures from last week.

Sic Alps Guitar



Thursday, July 10

Things I haven't been using as bookmarks

I have a ton of stuff lying around that I need to scan or take snaps of, except some of it is at the practice space or being used as a bookmark or not 100% finished yet.

There's a miniature version of this up at the practice space:

This is very tiny. It fits on an index card. I drew this a really long time ago, and I kept changing how I wanted it to finally look like. It ended up retaining none of its original meaning. At all...

Doodles on a Chicago Red Eye during my lunch break. Cut them out and glued them together:

I also just posted some show snapshots and "Bottomless", something I wrote last week. I wrote a couple other things that I'm not quite ready to post yet, but I'll try to get around to it by this weekend.

Wednesday, July 9

Ronny's Bar, 6/14/08

A few snapshots from the show: Feeling of Love, Sang Des Loups, Mother of Tears, White Mystery. At Ronny's Bar in Chicago on June 14th. After the show we proceeded to party at my house, which ended up getting me kicked out of my apartment. It was worth it! Just so this qualifies as a review: all of the bands were awesome, the end.

Seb and Seb The Human Fly
Pool Shark Nathan Sang des Loups