Friday, March 12

Separate Issue

Isn't it time I start a new fucking blog already? I'm too cheap and/or poor to buy new hosting. I fuck with custom Wordpress installations all day for work but I'm still here, at Blogger.

Anyway! Our new 7" comes out on Rococo Records 4/20/10. "Separate Issue" backed with "Paul" featuring Ian Adams (Maximum Wage, Submarine Races) on a gorgeous 12-string Rickenbacker.

"Separate Issue" is named after the brand of my favorite pair of thrift store sneakers.

"Paul" is the fictional account of a 16-year-old girl who falls in love with Paul Westerberg by watching old YouTube videos of him when he was young...

After hearing from a friend that you can go watch him coach his son's little league team in Minneapolis, she seeks him out and tries to have an affair with him.

What an imagination...

At SXSW: Party at Hot House on Thursday, March 18th (we play at 5:45 PM). Then the Trouble In Mind Showcase on Friday, March 19th (we play at 1:00 PM). Holy shit!

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